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Dr. Harrison has substantial past experience and technical authorship in the data storage industry, with a focus on mechanical engineering, structural dynamics and failure, vibrations and acoustics, and tribology. He has worked as an engineer or engineering manager in the data storage device industry at IBM Corporation, the Center for Magnetic Recording Research, Applied Magnetics Corporation, and Seagate Technologies.  He has done significant research in disk drive technology, including head disk mechanical integration, air bearing design, flying height measurements, head suspension design, spindle motor design and runout measurements, disk and head design and carbon overcoats, magneto-optical storage technologies, nanofabrication processes, etc.  He has been deposed and cross-examined as a technical expert, and has also taken depositions of technical experts as a lawyer.

Download list of data storage device industry publications by Dr. Harrison:

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Dr. Harrison's Data Storage Technology Employment
Dr. Harrison's Data Storage Technology Authorship


Looking for a technical expert to meet a need in litigation that involves data storage devices or other mechanical technology?

Contact Dr. Harrison directly to discuss availability, schedule, and rates. 

Please do not share any of your confidential information at this stage.

2901 West Coast Hwy, Suite 200
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Cell: +1 (714) 342-2391

Office: +1 (714) 962-8592

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