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Joshua C. Harrison is a seasoned technical expert with bachelor's, masters, and Ph.D degrees in mechanical engineering.  After substantial experience as a mechanical engineer and engineering manager in the disk drive industry, and as a tenurable lecturer of mechanical engineering in academia, he later earned the juris doctor degree and started his practice as a patent attorney.  His expertise includes mechanical engineering, structural dynamics and failure, vibrations and acoustics, and tribology, with substantial past experience with data storage device engineering, firearms technology, sports equipment, and aviation.  He has been deposed and cross-examined as an expert, and has also taken depositions of technical experts as a lawyer.

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Dr. Harrison's service as a technical expert usually involves the fields of mechanical engineering and intellectual property, and he has served as a technical expert in patent litigation and other cases involving patents.  He is a licensed general aviation pilot and firearms instructor and range safety officer, and a technical expert in data storage devices and in several types of sports equipment, and lectured mechanical engineering at the University of Queensland. 


His service as a patent attorney includes patent preparation, prosecution, pre-litigation, litigation, and inter-partes review proceedings, as described at his law firm's website:

He has written and justified technical opinions as an expert witness in adversarial proceedings, and has also helped clients to effectively question such opinions in that capacity and as an attorney.

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Looking for a technical expert to meet a need in litigation that involves mechanical technology?

Contact Dr. Harrison directly to discuss availability, schedule, and rates. 

Please do not share any of your confidential information at this stage.

2901 West Coast Hwy, Suite 200
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Cell: +1 (714) 342-2391

Office: +1 (714) 962-8592

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